Feb. 14th, 2011

Kitten and stuff

I've had cats on and off nearly the length of my life, but somehow, I've managed to avoid having a refrigerator cat.

Until now.

The other evening, Tonks, who's still wee, was not only merrily on top of the refrigerator, but on top of the enormous pasta pot (this one, actually) that's up there, surveying her empire, I imagine. After taking in the view, she then turned and stretched up to her full length to bat her claws at some (imaginary or simply unseen by me) intruder on the ceiling, defending the keep. Or just being a daredevil - she's fearless. She's also obsessed with water, and so, impervious to any water-based correction. One day, she will rule the world.

In other news, Happy Valentine's Day, if you celebrate such things. Sparky and I got each other the very same card and so she has announced that we've reached the pinnacle and we no longer have to do Valentine's Day cards.

Feb. 8th, 2011

Badass tatt...

I have no tattoos. I want one and have for a while, but I haven't been able to settle on an image, which is rather important for such a commitment. (I am rather fond of the Snape in my icon, but I'm fairly certain my partner would have something to say about permanent Snape art on my body. I don't know who the artist is anyway...) Then I'd have to decide where I want it. I'm thinking if I paid that much for art, I want to be able to see it without resorting to contortion-ism. I suppose I could put it on the top of my foot -- I hate my feet though (I'm missing the same small bone in each foot and it makes my second to last toe [ring toe?] shorter than it should be and baring them always garners a double-take and questions), and I'm not sure I could stand anyone messing with them that long.

Anyway, knuckle tattoos always seemed sort of badass to me, but I saw one today (which is what started this tattoo contemplation) that had me giggling.

Right hand: B O O K
Left hand: W O R M

*giggles* Isn't that awesome?

Nov. 2nd, 2009

Recs, of a sort

It's been a while, is everyone all right? Healthy, happy... in a post-Halloween sugar-stupor?

Firstly, I read a story yesterday that is utter madness and so completely enjoyable, it defies description. It's H/D and the last offering for the The Big Harry/Draco Career Fair, a really clever fest that puts Harry and Draco in unusual (for them) occupations. If you like to read well-written hilarity that touches on politics and the ridiculousness of bureaucracies, as well as delightful banter of a very British-y nature, then this is the fic for you. Seriously, it's soooo much fun! Little Red Courgette * giggles* You'll love it, I swear. Absolutely nothing squicky... unless you're adversely affected by vegetable puns.

Couple of Movie Recs )