May. 9th, 2012

Carolina on my mind...

I wish I could say that I'm surprised. I am many things this morning: disappointed, a little ashamed, a little depressed (a lot of depressed, actually, but only a small portion of it stems from this), certainly a little bit bruised.

But I'm not surprised.

And I'd very much like to blame North Carolina, but this state is actually the 29th in our grand union to pass such a thing, limiting the rights of a certain portion of its people, and this state nests very happily in the long straps of the bible belt. So. No surprise.

The last few days have been difficult, to say the least. The people who wanted this thing put through were highly funded and highly motivated and highly organized and we've been inundated with television ads and rhetoric proclaiming how wrong and awful we (the 'Gays') are and I think most people just didn't understand the implications or possible ramifications, they were just doing what the pastor had told them to do and what all of their friends said they should do. I'm not saying I like it or that it's in any way acceptable, just that I understand how it happened. It's easy to see how even the people who might have thought, in general, 'well that's probably not a good idea making that Amendment,' but didn't really have a stake in it, thinking it really didn't affect them directly, didn't make the effort to go to the polls. Possibly they didn't even know the vote was yesterday, rather than in November when it might've been expected. They put this thing on a primary ballot, so voter turnout was less than 35 percent.

For us personally, the lead-up to the vote ended in a bittersweet Facebook explosion, blindsided by a person who we thought was our friend, thumping a heretofore unseen bible and shouting that our 'homosexual lifestyle' is wrong.

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Apr. 3rd, 2012

Back on the air...

After a short hiatus (sponsored by Time Warner Cable) I'm back online. For now.

In the meantime, I'm still unemployed and at this point, the job search is on hold. Since Sparky's mom passed so suddenly last year, we've been half-seriously bouncing around the idea of moving back toward Charlotte, which is where most of our family are, but it was always a vague 'sometime in the not too distant future'. On a lark, Sparky put in for a job at one of the many hospitals there, then forgot about it. Two or three weeks later, they called her for an interview, which went swimmingly; so well in fact, the manager offered her another job that hadn't even posted yet. We're waiting for the HR hoops to be cleared, but the pay rate is expected to be quite a bit more than what she makes here. No brainer. We're going back.

So, with all of this free time on my hands, I've been... no not packing, cleaning or anything else useful, silly... reading! Not even HP (except for the bits of betaing I did). I started the new Percy Jackson series, then regretted it because I hate WIPs and there are five books, the remaining three coming out in Autumn over the next three years, dammit. They were just as enjoyable as the first five, though I enjoyed the second one better because Percy was actually in that one.

Another thing I found (and had to download chapter by chapter to read offline, which involved contortions and holding my laptop nearly out the window to steal borrow the only unlocked WiFi in my area), is something so wonderful I'm nearly without words. It was such serendipity - I stumbled across a link for this story that didn't include a description so it was a leap of faith, leading me to a gay authors' website. Yes, kids, original fiction.
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And... I just talked myself into reading it again.
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Mar. 4th, 2012

Not fit for human comsumption...

I've had the plague.

Well, I suppose it was more a cold with plague-like tendencies. It started about 10 days ago or so and has been, I must say, the worst most disgusting cold I've ever had. Fun. Anyway, it's a good thing I'm not working right now, because I'm not sure I could have. It was that bad. It even kept me away from my computer, that's saying something.

I had a job interview last Saturday and they decided to go with the other applicant. I really suck at interviews, though I'm certain that the spectacular coughing fit that came over me in the middle of it didn't win me any points. It was that sort of cough you try to fight, to somehow swallow, but that somehow only makes it 10-times worse when you finally do unleash it. Once I got it under control again (as controlled as possible without water or tissues), I'm sure I looked a mess and getting out of there was all I could think of. I'm sure I made a great impression... *sighs* I'm starting to lose my confidence about finding something, I mean, I thought I'd at least be working a temp job by now. The thing is, the area I live in is a beach community, so there are lots of people here and not so many jobs, so people are willing to work for less when they do get one. I like to think that's the problem, competition and a dearth of available jobs, rather than I suck and no one wants me. Maybe we'll move back to the other side of the state, where our families are - it's something we've talked about since Sparky's mom died, but in terms of a few years. Bigger city, not so tourist-y, lots more jobs. I just don't know.

Fandom-wise, I considered the Snarry-a-thon over at [info]snape_potter, but none of the prompts jumped out at me and I haven't even a tiny grain of an idea of my own. I do have a Harry/Draco idea, but it doesn't fit any of the prompts over at [info]hd_smoochfest, though I haven't checked the list in a while. Maybe I'll just write it myself, though I kinda need the deadlines. (I have a Neville fic I started years ago and have no hope of finishing.) We'll see. I'll probably just wait until it's too late then I won't have a choice - the rewards of procrastination.

Feb. 26th, 2012

Checking in...

Thank you for the LJ gifts [info]torino10154 & [info]synn! Receiving them reminded me that I have a journal and brought me here today.

Time for the quarterly update. heh.

Not really, but I do seem to drift hither and yon and forget to check in here too often. What has everyone been up to?

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Last thing for now: Whether you are aware of or not and whatever your feelings might be regarding the insanely misogynistic and invasive bills that the Republicans and Tea idiots (who will tell you that they are for less government, as long as you're speaking about big business and the NRA - your reproductive organs and personal health are fair game apparently) are trying to push through the Virginia House and Senate, you really must go read this short story: ILU-486 It's a brilliant and terrifyingly plausible look at how things might proceed in the not so distant future.
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Dec. 4th, 2011

Time flies...

Well, I cannot believe it's practically Christmas - it seems to come earlier every year.

First I wanted to update because some have asked - a short while ago I mentioned half-jokingly (or half-seriously, depending on where you're sitting, I guess) that living in my car was a very real possibility sometime soon. We have, thankfully, managed to keep the wolf from the door, so to speak. Luckily the management company doesn't seem to want us to be roofless either and were willing to wait. So, yay! A roof over our heads for Christmas and hopefully the foreseeable future. We're somewhat back on track now, still a bit over hour heads but having a roof makes it easier to take, ya know?

Secondly, being the holiday season, it's time for fests and right now, [info]hd_holidays is churning out a truly astonishing number of really good reads. So far, I think there have been only 1 or 2 that I just won't open (I'm very picky about summaries) and all of the ones I have read have been delightful. I have to say, too, as a Snarry-er, I am blown away by the sheer number of comments that H/D fics inspire. Just... wow.

There are a couple standouts, so I thought I'd rec them:

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Apr. 21st, 2011

What the funk...

I gave up my second job a couple of months ago and the novelty of having my evenings free has not yet worn off. My intentions were to post more often with that time or at least be more present in fandom, but I've been in the sort of FUNK that has nothing to do with George Clinton. The usual stuff on top of my regular, daily battle with depression: money woes, extreme student loans, late rent, bills, jalopy with expired inspection/registration, nerve-wracking traffic stop and subsequent court date, owing taxes, blah blah blah. Poor me. Literally. On my better days, I remember I don't have it so bad. I still have a roof over my head anyway, and though I could've killed her for it, Sparky used her small tax refund to buy me a laptop. Nothing fancy, but it's sooo much faster than the Flintstone model we've been sharing. And while I'm using it, I try not to think too much about what that money could've been used for more sensibly, so I can have this one shiny thing. I'm even successful at it about 1/2 the time.

Wankfest is coming! (pun intended) and I managed to write and submit my fic, on time even. I haven't written anything since the last Snarry games, August 2009, so I'm a tad nervous about it. I'm so glad they decided to do it again this year - it's what I needed to jump in again. And it's truly a fun fest for everyone.

Random: This morning I found a Turbo button on my hair dryer and it really works! This is significant because I've used it nearly daily since it was handed to me as a Christmas gift. Clearly, I'm very observant.

I've been reading a lot of old fic lately, or not so old but stuff I missed, and quite a bit of it is Harry/Draco. Which is kind of odd because I really sort of hate canon Draco (though not as much now, which probably has more to do with the delightful Tom Felton than anything else), but I have to say I really, really enjoy fanon Draco. [info]faithwood, [info]mahaliem, [info]dysonrules, [info]annafugazzi, Oldenuf2nobetter, Brammers and so many more. You people have made me love Draco! I can't help myself... Anyway, it's been a great escape from the Funk. I recommend it highly.

That's all for now, and probably way more than I should've shared. Hope all is well in your world.
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