Apr. 3rd, 2012

Back on the air...

After a short hiatus (sponsored by Time Warner Cable) I'm back online. For now.

In the meantime, I'm still unemployed and at this point, the job search is on hold. Since Sparky's mom passed so suddenly last year, we've been half-seriously bouncing around the idea of moving back toward Charlotte, which is where most of our family are, but it was always a vague 'sometime in the not too distant future'. On a lark, Sparky put in for a job at one of the many hospitals there, then forgot about it. Two or three weeks later, they called her for an interview, which went swimmingly; so well in fact, the manager offered her another job that hadn't even posted yet. We're waiting for the HR hoops to be cleared, but the pay rate is expected to be quite a bit more than what she makes here. No brainer. We're going back.

So, with all of this free time on my hands, I've been... no not packing, cleaning or anything else useful, silly... reading! Not even HP (except for the bits of betaing I did). I started the new Percy Jackson series, then regretted it because I hate WIPs and there are five books, the remaining three coming out in Autumn over the next three years, dammit. They were just as enjoyable as the first five, though I enjoyed the second one better because Percy was actually in that one.

Another thing I found (and had to download chapter by chapter to read offline, which involved contortions and holding my laptop nearly out the window to steal borrow the only unlocked WiFi in my area), is something so wonderful I'm nearly without words. It was such serendipity - I stumbled across a link for this story that didn't include a description so it was a leap of faith, leading me to a gay authors' website. Yes, kids, original fiction.
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And... I just talked myself into reading it again.
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Feb. 26th, 2012

Checking in...

Thank you for the LJ gifts [info]torino10154 & [info]synn! Receiving them reminded me that I have a journal and brought me here today.

Time for the quarterly update. heh.

Not really, but I do seem to drift hither and yon and forget to check in here too often. What has everyone been up to?

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Last thing for now: Whether you are aware of or not and whatever your feelings might be regarding the insanely misogynistic and invasive bills that the Republicans and Tea idiots (who will tell you that they are for less government, as long as you're speaking about big business and the NRA - your reproductive organs and personal health are fair game apparently) are trying to push through the Virginia House and Senate, you really must go read this short story: ILU-486 It's a brilliant and terrifyingly plausible look at how things might proceed in the not so distant future.
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