Feb. 26th, 2012

Checking in...

Thank you for the LJ gifts [info]torino10154 & [info]synn! Receiving them reminded me that I have a journal and brought me here today.

Time for the quarterly update. heh.

Not really, but I do seem to drift hither and yon and forget to check in here too often. What has everyone been up to?

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Last thing for now: Whether you are aware of or not and whatever your feelings might be regarding the insanely misogynistic and invasive bills that the Republicans and Tea idiots (who will tell you that they are for less government, as long as you're speaking about big business and the NRA - your reproductive organs and personal health are fair game apparently) are trying to push through the Virginia House and Senate, you really must go read this short story: ILU-486 It's a brilliant and terrifyingly plausible look at how things might proceed in the not so distant future.
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Nov. 2nd, 2009

Recs, of a sort

It's been a while, is everyone all right? Healthy, happy... in a post-Halloween sugar-stupor?

Firstly, I read a story yesterday that is utter madness and so completely enjoyable, it defies description. It's H/D and the last offering for the The Big Harry/Draco Career Fair, a really clever fest that puts Harry and Draco in unusual (for them) occupations. If you like to read well-written hilarity that touches on politics and the ridiculousness of bureaucracies, as well as delightful banter of a very British-y nature, then this is the fic for you. Seriously, it's soooo much fun! Little Red Courgette * giggles* You'll love it, I swear. Absolutely nothing squicky... unless you're adversely affected by vegetable puns.

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