Dec. 4th, 2011

Time flies...

Well, I cannot believe it's practically Christmas - it seems to come earlier every year.

First I wanted to update because some have asked - a short while ago I mentioned half-jokingly (or half-seriously, depending on where you're sitting, I guess) that living in my car was a very real possibility sometime soon. We have, thankfully, managed to keep the wolf from the door, so to speak. Luckily the management company doesn't seem to want us to be roofless either and were willing to wait. So, yay! A roof over our heads for Christmas and hopefully the foreseeable future. We're somewhat back on track now, still a bit over hour heads but having a roof makes it easier to take, ya know?

Secondly, being the holiday season, it's time for fests and right now, [info]hd_holidays is churning out a truly astonishing number of really good reads. So far, I think there have been only 1 or 2 that I just won't open (I'm very picky about summaries) and all of the ones I have read have been delightful. I have to say, too, as a Snarry-er, I am blown away by the sheer number of comments that H/D fics inspire. Just... wow.

There are a couple standouts, so I thought I'd rec them:

Two Recs )

Dec. 7th, 2007

Two recs...

Disclaimer ~ Sorry if this is a duplicate for you---I've recently reopened my LJ, or as I called it, I set the porn free. And I haven't figured out how I'm going to handle cross-posting just yet.

In celebration of the fact that my laptop is working once again (Yay!), I have not one but two recs for you. And because [info]blamebrampton has corrupted me, they both involve Harry/Draco.

The summary for the first is: Come to the fair! Draco's granting wishes, Harry's investigating a mystery, and Luna's giving away pants. Crystal balls and kissing, dirty talk and candy floss – and that's just the beginning.

It's NC-17 and great fun. You'll find it here: Draco, the Magic Dragon

The second is a bit longer, like 90,000 words long, but so incredibly worth the read. And it goes fast, truly. You might even wish there was more -- I did. It's marked Harry/Draco and Harry/Severus, and the summary is: Two years after the end of the war, only desperation could make Harry seek out the help of a one-time enemy.

It's also NC-17, very much so. It's HOT. Really HOT. Way Hot... sorry, got carried away. Please go read it, because it's not just hot, it's plot. (I'm gonna blame that unfortunate rhyme on the hour and the fact that I'm on sinus medication and I've had some spiked hot chocolate. Mmmmm... mint chocolate Bailey's.) Seriously, it's got the hotness, it's got plot, it's got a mystery, it's in character and beautifully written.

You will find the second fic here: Occam's Razor

Please note the warnings, because, yeah. Did I mention it's hot?

Why are you still reading this? Go, read one of those fics, and then read the other!