Dec. 4th, 2011

Time flies...

Well, I cannot believe it's practically Christmas - it seems to come earlier every year.

First I wanted to update because some have asked - a short while ago I mentioned half-jokingly (or half-seriously, depending on where you're sitting, I guess) that living in my car was a very real possibility sometime soon. We have, thankfully, managed to keep the wolf from the door, so to speak. Luckily the management company doesn't seem to want us to be roofless either and were willing to wait. So, yay! A roof over our heads for Christmas and hopefully the foreseeable future. We're somewhat back on track now, still a bit over hour heads but having a roof makes it easier to take, ya know?

Secondly, being the holiday season, it's time for fests and right now, [info]hd_holidays is churning out a truly astonishing number of really good reads. So far, I think there have been only 1 or 2 that I just won't open (I'm very picky about summaries) and all of the ones I have read have been delightful. I have to say, too, as a Snarry-er, I am blown away by the sheer number of comments that H/D fics inspire. Just... wow.

There are a couple standouts, so I thought I'd rec them:

Two Recs )

Nov. 2nd, 2009

Recs, of a sort

It's been a while, is everyone all right? Healthy, happy... in a post-Halloween sugar-stupor?

Firstly, I read a story yesterday that is utter madness and so completely enjoyable, it defies description. It's H/D and the last offering for the The Big Harry/Draco Career Fair, a really clever fest that puts Harry and Draco in unusual (for them) occupations. If you like to read well-written hilarity that touches on politics and the ridiculousness of bureaucracies, as well as delightful banter of a very British-y nature, then this is the fic for you. Seriously, it's soooo much fun! Little Red Courgette * giggles* You'll love it, I swear. Absolutely nothing squicky... unless you're adversely affected by vegetable puns.

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Sep. 16th, 2009

REC of pure delight

I know this has probably been rec'd everywhere under the sun by now, but I'm a tad behind on my reading, so I just finished it today.

As the subject line says, this story is pure delight. Here's the particulars:

Title: The Fourth Deathly Hallow.
Author: [info]gingertart
Genre(s): Fandom Crossovers and Literary and/or Historical
Prompt(s): Code of Honour
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: PG; None

Summary: From the private journal of John. H. Watson MD; not intended for publication. Being an account of the strange case of the Fourth Deathly Hallow; in which Dr John H. Watson and Mr Sherlock Holmes save a life, discover the true secret of Professor Moriarty, unravel a time loop or two, encounter a femme fatale, imbibe potions, break into and out of a wizarding mansion, hide in a male brothel, go shopping, track down a magical artefact, almost attend a ritual sacrifice, fail to be Obliviated and totally ignore the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy of 1692, all in the company of a lank-haired, irascible but secretly besotted schoolmaster, a bemused aristocrat and an increasingly perceptive and enamoured young hero.

If that summary doesn't draw you in, I don't know what will. Because it's that and sooo much more. Well written, well thought out, well paced, clever clever plot, excellent mystery, excellent characterizations all around, one of the most brilliant 'Snape Lives!' scenarios I've ever read, and the two worlds fit so beautifully together. And more than anything else, it's delightful fun. I'll admit I'm no expert, but [info]gingertart seems to have a great handle on the Holmes's England and all of its inhabitants. It's truly a wonderful tale and I plan on visiting this one often.

As the warnings will tell you, there's nothing scary in this one, not even for the non-Snarriers amongst you. It's truly a wonderful read for everybody.

Go read: The Fourth Deathly Hallow and then go give [info]gingertart the love she so richly deserves!

Aug. 31st, 2009

Fic Rec


I have a thing for Ancient Egypt. It's true. I should've been an archaeologist or an anthropologist and studied it formally. Alas, that never happened. And admittedly, my limited knowledge of the history and culture is based largely on fiction (science or otherwise), namely various movies, as well as the Amelia Peabody novels by Elizabeth Peters.

That being disclosed, you'll know that [info]dacro had me at hello.

But truly, you absolutely do not have to be an amateur enthusiast for the vast and rich history and culture (or a professional for that matter) to love this story. [info]dacro presents everything you need in a very natural unfolding, helping the reader to make an easy jump to another place and time, while still keeping the characters we know and love recognizable.

Here's the summary: After using accidental magic to turn Pharaoh's would-be assassin to stone, an orphan suddenly finds himself with new rooms, new clothes and a new title: Palace Magician. When told he must choose a personal servant for himself, he selects someone who doesn't seem long for the world – a former priest and healer accused of murder.

Go read She Who Knows the Orphan by [info]dacro

Then show her the love she very much deserves by voting high and singing her praises in a comment.

Aug. 26th, 2009

Rec and Stuffs...

OK, firstly, all y'all need to STOP reading Tira Nog's humongous new Snarry fic and go back to reading the Games fics. Srsly. Tira Nog's will still be there after the Games are over. *taps foot*

That said, I have a rec.

It's a fusion...wait!... hear me out. Yes, it's a fusion, and with a little known fandom (I don't even know if it is a fandom, actually) to boot.


You absolutely do not have to know anything about Pushing Daisies to understand or enjoy this story. I swear! I know nothing of it and found this absolutely delightful. The story borrows, from what I gathered, the premise of the main character's ability to bring things back to life. Sounds like a gift, but it has a few unfortunate drawbacks. If that isn't enough to deal with, a mystery is thrust upon poor Harry, who's only wish is to be left in peace, just to live his mostly contented if somewhat boring life in the Muggle world, making pies and being anonymous.

Luckily for him, Snape (the only human Harry's ever used this gift on) enters the picture, shaking things up in Harry's quiet life.

This story is a lot of fun and includes a snarky Snape, which is always a plus. Take my word for it, if you weren't told that it was a fusion, you'd take it for what it is: a really clever, really enjoyable Snarry.

Go read [info]gin_tonic's Sweet Surrender. Then vote and show her some love!

Incidentally, I have no idea if the author got the title of the story from this source, but I've had Sarah McLachlan's 'Sweet Surrender' in my head all day. *loves* Oh and, don't go in hungry---there's pie and cake and coffee and many delicious sounding things.

Aug. 13th, 2009

Rec of Hilarity and Awesomeness, Part Deux

Honestly and truly, I had no intention of rec-ing every night---my plan was to just rec whatever really ticked my fancy. Well, apparently my fancy is very ticklish these days.

[info]amand_r is a genius. And her offering has bit of everything awesome.

Here's her summary, just to give you an idea of what's in store for you: There's a man stalking the Wizarding world. Or a bat. Maybe a Man-Bat. Severus is probably having an affair, Harry's tired all the time, oh, and those drunks out in East Anglia are complaining about the green lights. Again.

I can't begin to describe it here and do it justice. Told from poor Harry's POV, we are treated to his wry observations of the world around him, which includes: a randy but still snarky Snape as his husband; a kick-ass Ginny, delivering the sort of banter I imagine canon Ginny, with the influence of her 6 older brothers, would easily dish out; cool gadgets and original spells; and her Ron, having surrendered to the chaos of his children, is utter joy. There's a mystery and a caped-crusader, great dialogue, and despite her warning that it's slightly cracky, I don't think it ever treads into the realm of crack. It's funny, absolutely, hilarious in spots, but the characterizations are dead on and there is an actual plot---it never crosses into absurdity.

Basically, it's the sort of story that I will absolutely read over and over again---the kind of fic you pull out to read when you want to feel good and want a guaranteed laugh.

If you haven't already, you must go read: D For Defender by [info]amand_r

Once again, you won't be disappointed.

Aug. 10th, 2009

A very important and late-breaking Snarry Games Rec. Or, why I suck...

I have been horribly remiss!! I'd happily deluded myself into believing that I rec'd this story already. But despite my recollection of composing a rec for it, somehow, I haven't mentioned my Joan's fic. Clearly it's another one of those Only Happened In My Head situations, which I will obviously be discussing with my therapist in my next session.

In the meantime, I'd really like to encourage any of you who haven't already read Sex, Lies, and Audiobooks by [info]joanwilder (aka RaeWhit) to do so now.

Set some time aside--it's not her longest story but it'll take some time, time well spent--curl up on the couch, read it on the bus, or lay out in the sun: you'll enjoy it wherever you choose to read it. (Though I do advise sunblock if your choice has anything to do with the sun...)

It takes place ten years after Dumbledore's estate is settled, and he isn't quite done meddling with Severus and Harry's lives. There's a bit of a twist so I'm reluctant to give too much of the plot away. But I can say it includes a mystery, a journey or sorts, some understanding, literary quotes, a lot of emotional highs and lows, and some well deserved healing. There's even a cat. Snape's profession is unique and clever and well thoughtout and Harry's occupation is something you don't see every day either. I loved what distance and time and comfortable living did for her Severus, and her Harry will wrench and perhaps even break your heart. Luckily, [info]joanwilder mends it for you by the end.

And all of this is set against the colorful backdrop of a place called Lochdub and its inhabitants, borrowed from a TV show called "Hamish MacBeth". It's not necessary to be at all familiar with them; I went in uninitiated, but came out wanting to know them much better. You will too.

I'm going to go beg, buy or borrow a copy of Captain's Courageous, you should go read Joan's fic.

And don't forget to vote vote vote!

Aug. 9th, 2009

Recs. Again.

Well, this is some kind of record, me posting three days in a row (I think---they're sort of blending together). It wasn't my intention to rec so often, but once again I find myself bowled over by something unexpected, and I'd really love to encourage anyone who might still read this journal to go and read it.

The story I'm speaking of is [info]igtow's Connecting the Dotty

As with the last two surprising recs, I once again stepped out of my comfort zone to read this. My reading preferences (and if I'm honest, my writing preferences) tend to be for the newness, the first time or the getting together and the spark and mystery of things just beginning. [info]igtow's story is about a life, or rather, lives well lived. And something I usually avoid like the plague is MPreg (though admittedly, I have read and enjoyed one or two of them over the years) and while this story is not an MPreg at all, it is a key element, as the story demands that Harry & Severus have progeny.

So once again bravely ignoring the warnings, I jumped in, and then was so very glad that I did! [info]igtow's own summary was this: A gentle tale of growing old together. And that's true, but it's so much more than that. It's humorous and poignant and chock full of wonderful things and bittersweet things and everything in between that you would wish for these two to have and see and do in the years that they are together. You will cry a bit, but in a good way, I promise. Likely I'm not doing it justice here, so if you could, at least one more time, trust me and go read this, you will not be disappointed.

Seriously---when have I ever steered you wrong?

And while you're there and feeling sigh-y and yet satisfied after reading the fic, go look at [info]cluegirl's beautiful beautiful art: The Hero's Return

Aug. 8th, 2009

Wordes and Artses Recs!

Snarry Games recs!

Anyone who knows me and my fic preferences, knows that warnings which might include Genderbending and Het Sex would normally get a pass from me. And I have to be completely honest and tell you that I read this story with a sense of duty, though it helped that it was written by [info]synn. Basically, going in I was glad it had less than 3500 words.

DAMN if I wasn't blown away AGAIN, for the second time in these Games.

It was nothing like I had expected, reinforcing my recent realization that while "Warnings" can be helpful, judging a story and it's potential by them is incredibly foolish---something I've been guilty of in the past, but something that I will no longer practice. I would have missed Perfica's wonderful fic, and I would have missed this gem too.

And while I do this little PSA about not putting too much stock in the warnings, I encourage beg you to give this one a chance, if you haven't already. This story by [info]synn (aka ThreeSidedOrchid) is cleverly done and beautifully worded and unlike anything I've ever read before. Took me completely by surprise and won me over, absolutely.

Trust me. Go read Thrice Turned Then show her the love she deserves.

Once you're done reading take a look at this delicious work of art. Admittedly, I am biased, as the artist has become a friend and I watched this taking shape, but that bias does not make it any less true that this is YUMMY. Her art is amazing to me, a non-artist: the textures and the shading and the details... I don't know how she does it. And there's frosting. Make sure you gaze at it long enough...

Buttercream by [info]veridian_dair will hit your sweet tooth just right. Mmmmmmmm

Vote high and vote often...

Aug. 3rd, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

No! Not Christmas... Something so much better!


And while the other team has some nice things in the offering, I wanted to take this opportunity to point you toward the first two TEAM SNITCH entries. The games are mixed this time around, which means we have beautiful art entries as well as some incredible writing to show you.

The first entry is a gorgeous piece of art by the fantastic Ponderosa, and can be found here: A Firm and Fair Hand Heed the warnings before scrolling down to view the beautiful art. It's fantastic---rich and vivid and detailed. Just gorgeous.

The second offering from TEAM SNITCH is a bit of writing that I, admittedly, thought would make me too sad to really enjoy it.

I'm so glad that I was wrong!

The Shadowless Hereafter by [info]perfica is just incredible. I'm not surprised that's it's wonderful, as [info]perfica is a genius, but what I am surprised about is that I can come away from a story with those warnings (the very warnings that I usually avoid emphatically) feeling not only satisfied, but somehow as if I got my requisite happy ending. I still don't know how she did it, and I've been thinking about the story since yesterday.

Go. Read. Vote.

Dec. 31st, 2008


Ahem. Sorry.

So, I hope that the proclamation in my last post that it was the rec to end all recs doesn't mean that I can never rec again.

Because I received the BEST Harry/Ron fic for [info]hp_yule_balls!


It is absolutely, without doubt, everything I adore about the pairing. It couldn't be more perfect.

Go here: 59 Days and read it immediately. There is nothing scary here, so I will accept no excuses!! Then, shower the mystery author with the LOVE and ADORATION they deserve!

Dec. 29th, 2008

On the day before Christmas my true love gave to me...

This, my friends, is the rec of all recs.

My partner of nearly twelve years, the very same horrified, anti-Snarry person, actually contacted [info]joanwilder behind my back and arranged for her to write a fic. Not just any old fic, but one that incorporates some of our story. INTO A SNARRY! How much does she love me?

The resulting fic, in the beautifully capable hands of [info]joanwilder is absolutely wonderful. (As if it could be anything else with her at the keyboard.) Without getting terribly specific about what's ours, I can say 'our story' is quite recognizable to us, but also blends seamlessly with the "You've Got Mail" scenario and with the Snarry frame. [info]joanwilder is truly a master.

Y'all, I know I've pointed you in the direction of Snarry stories before, knowing the Snarry-squimish amongst you would likely give it a pass, but I'm hoping, since it's so very personal and since my SNARRY-DESPISING partner not only approved it, she actually ENJOYED it, that those of you who would normally turn away from a Snarry in horror, will consider giving it a read.

Those of you who enjoy Snarry? Go there now and tell [info]joanwilder how fantastic she is!

Second Best

Summary: Two lonely men find each other in an internet chatroom, and ultimately discover that it is, indeed, a small world after all.

The rating is NC-17, but don't panic non-Snarriers! And it will be posted over the next three nights, so if you're like me and impatient with WIPs, worry not, it is complete!

ETA: link to unlocked IJ post, if by chance you're not on Joan's f-list and don't want to wait to be friended: Second Best on IJ

Dec. 27th, 2008

A present for moi ....

My birthday was this past Monday, and amongst holiday shenanigans, various fest obligations and, I now know, writing a wonderful, beautiful Christmas fic for me, as well (which I'll be reccing as soon as she posts it online), [info]joanwilder managed to write me a delightful birthday Snarry too.

She is a wonder.

It's called "Pancake Day" and can be found here: Pancake Day

And it's delicious and funny and hot all rolled into one delightful birthday package.

Please go read it if you haven't already, and let her know how wonderful she is. I can't seem to say it enough.

ETA: For those few who are not on [info]joanwilder's f-list, she will friend if you ask, or you can follow this link: 'Pancake Day' on IJ. Her IJ is unlocked.

Aug. 28th, 2008

Fic Rec!

And it's not even Snarry.

My unbelievably talented friend, Raewhit ([info]joanwilder) has written something incredible.


Here are the details:

Title: As the Gentle Rain
Author: [info]joanwilder aka RaeWhit
Pairing: Bill Weasley/Severus Snape, Snape/OFCs
Rating: NC-17
Genres: Drama/Angst/Romance
Word Count: 29,000+
Warnings: BDSM, D/s. Highlight for specifics: erotic humiliation, extreme bondage, whipping, object penetration
Challenge: Written for [info]thematic_hp Round Ten—BDSM, D/s challenge, for Prompt # 46—In public, he's in charge. In private, someone else is.

Summary: For Snape and Bill, obsession is only the beginning.

I know what you're thinking, I do. I've never rec'd anything like this before. In fact, the warnings are generally listed on my 'Squicks' for exchanges and whatnot. Though to be honest, that's strictly because it's not my thing, if you will, and I don't usually find it entertaining (or understand it, frankly), not because of an actual 'eww' factor. So if I saw this posted somewhere and hadn't been involved in the process, I would pass it by in a heartbeat, despite my Snape love and my enormous Weasley boy kink, without looking back.

And that would have been a horrible shame.

Which is why I feel compelled to shout about it. If you have any good feelings about Snape or about Bill Weasley (and really, even if you don't) I beg you to go read this fic. Snape is incredibly in character, and Bill is delicious and the story that Joan has built is fantastically canon fitting. That it's well written goes without saying, but it's something else altogether when even I, the D/s uniformed, can love and absolutely get the why of it for these people.

The story is complete, and she's posting it in parts so it shouldn't be very many days before the whole thing is up (I fear this might rest on my betaing, which I am neglecting to write this rec). Oh, and if you're like me and read slash, very nearly exclusively, that OFC up in the pairing is Original Fictional Character, not Female---no het here, friends. And there's art! I nearly forgot. This story was inspired by a fabulous piece of art, the link for which you will find in the notes.

Go here to begin reading it: As the Gentle Rain on LJ, which is f-locked or here: As the Gentle Rain on IJ, which is not.


Dec. 7th, 2007

Two recs...

Disclaimer ~ Sorry if this is a duplicate for you---I've recently reopened my LJ, or as I called it, I set the porn free. And I haven't figured out how I'm going to handle cross-posting just yet.

In celebration of the fact that my laptop is working once again (Yay!), I have not one but two recs for you. And because [info]blamebrampton has corrupted me, they both involve Harry/Draco.

The summary for the first is: Come to the fair! Draco's granting wishes, Harry's investigating a mystery, and Luna's giving away pants. Crystal balls and kissing, dirty talk and candy floss – and that's just the beginning.

It's NC-17 and great fun. You'll find it here: Draco, the Magic Dragon

The second is a bit longer, like 90,000 words long, but so incredibly worth the read. And it goes fast, truly. You might even wish there was more -- I did. It's marked Harry/Draco and Harry/Severus, and the summary is: Two years after the end of the war, only desperation could make Harry seek out the help of a one-time enemy.

It's also NC-17, very much so. It's HOT. Really HOT. Way Hot... sorry, got carried away. Please go read it, because it's not just hot, it's plot. (I'm gonna blame that unfortunate rhyme on the hour and the fact that I'm on sinus medication and I've had some spiked hot chocolate. Mmmmm... mint chocolate Bailey's.) Seriously, it's got the hotness, it's got plot, it's got a mystery, it's in character and beautifully written.

You will find the second fic here: Occam's Razor

Please note the warnings, because, yeah. Did I mention it's hot?

Why are you still reading this? Go, read one of those fics, and then read the other!