May 23rd, 2011

It's always Monday night...

My mother used to drive us crazy at the close of every weekend... mournful groan "It's always Sunday night." deep lamenting sighs

Funny how it comes around, eh? My weekends are Sunday and Monday and they're gone so quickly! Seriously, how do the weekends get away from me every week? *sighs* Luckily, I never had any children to inflict with this clearly genetic condition.

I did manage to read a book in that time: I went to the library on Saturday morning before work and picked up the first of the Percy Jackson books, and loved it. I'm not hugely knowledgeable about Greek Mythology or most mythology - we read the Odyssey in eighth grade and it was as a class rather than each on our own, so it didn't all get into my head the way it would've if I'd read it myself and that's as close as I got to actively studying the subject, I think - but it seemed to be well done. I can't resist that mix of modern/reality and the fantastical. Unfortunately, for the 6 local branches of the library, there are only 3 copies of Book 2 and of those, 1 copy is lost and the other 2 are overdue. So, I went online and found all 5 books in the series at a used book site - not one of them was more than $3.00, in fact three of them were $1.00 each and all of them are, purportedly, Good to Very Good condition.

Yay used books!

In the meantime, I decided to read the HP books again. It's been years, literally years, since I've read them -- I only crack them open for referencing while ficcing and I don't do a whole lot of that anymore either. It's been so long, with fandom dominating my reading for most of that time, I'm wondering if it'll change the way I read them: first go round I LOATHED Snape and Malfoy, and Remus Lupin was a favorite character. Obviously fandom has changed my thinking on both Snape and Malfoy, and the movies have made me HATE Lupin (or David Thewlis at any rate). I'll always be a Harry girl, and I love Ron and Hermione, so that will never change, but I'm thinking it might be like reading them the first time. We'll see!